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AI Courses
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Why Artificial Intelligence Matters To The Youth

There’s no better time than now to hop on the bandwagon and prepare for a fulfilling future career in AI and ML. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has been increasing in footprint and grabbing eyeballs across industries. A growing number of companies are using these technologies to improve their products and services, evaluate their business and enhance their decision-making process.Artificial Intelligence courses help to guide and create specialists with the ability to dream up and bring to life intelligent machines and systems which perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence, including playing games or recognising faces or understanding natural language.

Today, AI is everywhere– whether in the form of chess-playing computers or self-driving cars. These systems rely on neural networks, deep learning, and natural language processing to analyse large amounts of data, find patterns, and make predictions and decisions based on relevant information. Naturally, they become powerful beacons of information-rich societies that are always one step ahead. Machine Learning is a more specialised subdiscipline of Artificial Intelligence. ML courses teach students how to use algorithms and statistical models to create computer systems which can learn for themselves. This means freeing up human intelligence for higher-order thinking, which in turn means more fulfilled societies who put their intelligence to work.

Benefits To Students From AI And ML Courses

Businesses around the world are increasing AI budgets around research, development and applications at unprecedented levels. Gartner predicts the business value created by AI to touch $3.9T by 2022 According to IDC, the worldwide spending on cognitive and Artificial Intelligence systems would reach $77.6B by 2022 These, and many other related developments in AI adoption, offer enormous opportunities to young graduates passing out of higher education now and in the near future. However, a fulfilling future starts with a solid foundation. To that end, Modo’s AI Foundation, AI Machine Learning, robotics and IoT courses enable students to land meaningful placements in great companies and contribute to futuristic growth.

Here’s What’s In Store For Students In AI Courses

AI might be set to replace many lower-level jobs that humans perform. However, it is also creating more 130 million roles in major industrial sectors, ranging from healthcare to travel, banking to automotive, manufacturing to retail, fashion to finance. To be a part of this transformation as a student, you’ll benefit from getting one foot in the door through a course that teaches you the skills of the century.

Today, there’s no domain that AI hasn’t secured a spot in. In retail, thanks to increased mobile and internet penetration, customers get personalised information without visiting the store, through chatbots. The automobile industry has already designed cars that are driverless or “self-driving”, many of which have already hit the roads. And at home, we “Ok Google” our way through many basic tasks, from playing music and dimming lights to retrieving information and warding off intruders. The reality is businesses are going to need many talented young engineers and AI specialists to build these products and maintain them– and you can join the list.

Humans generate more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day (imagine the number of zeroes!). This data comes from everywhere– what we see, what we read, what we search for and what we say. We feed the collected data to machine learning algorithms to retrieve a behavioural pattern; information that could transform into powerful insights. Industry 4 is already data-powered, and companies are on the lookout for data engineers with AI experience who can create order from chaos and help them win their races.

Pursuing a career in AI not only guarantees the student a higher salary but also a great pool of opportunities. The average pay scale of an AI professional is INR 15 lakhs per annum in India. With a background in AI, students could become a Machine Learning Engineer, Software Engineer, Hardware Engineer, Research Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer, and Data Scientist. Some of the big companies that hire AI candidates are Google, Amazon, Nokia, and Microsoft. Smaller tech-first companies are also on the lookout for qualified pros to disrupt the status quo– so you’ll be in good company!

AI is not restricted to computer or space-related industries but has a significant role to play in industries including banking, healthcare, travel, automotive, retail, security, mobile and fraud detection. The list is endless, and so are the pool of opportunities you’ll uncover. AI is still growing, and it only gets better as it offers many competitive benefits in all sectors of business.

Why Skybird Aviation & Modo’s AI & Machine Learning Course

  • Industry expert-designed curriculum
  • Curated content made available through the cloud
  • Handpicked tutors based on qualification and experience
  • Industry connect through workshops and online sessions
  • Challenges, assessments and course completion certificates

General Course Requirements

  • Industry expert-designed curriculum
  • Curated content made available through the cloud


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